Why You Should Avoid Crash Diets At All Costs

Crash diets have long been the go-to solution for people who are looking to lose weight quickly. They are marketed as a quick way to shed pounds, and often come with promises that the dieters will be able to keep the weight off if they stick with the dieting long enough. Unfortunately, crash diets are terrible for you. In this blog post we’ll explore 4 reasons why crash diets cause more harm than good:

Crash Diets Are Not Sustainable

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Crash diets restrict calories so much that it’s not sustainable in the long term. When you go on a diet, you’re only eating a small fraction of the calories that your body needs. Your body will naturally adjust to crash diets and begin conserving energy as soon as it realizes that there isn’t enough food coming in; this means diets are not sustainable long term because they don’t provide enough fuel for your daily activities and will probably leave you “hangry” for the day.

It Affects Your Mental Health

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Restrictive diets can lead to binge eating disorder or bulimia. This type of dieting can easily lead to obsession about food and dieting. When crash diets are not successful, the person may turn to binge eating disorder or bulimia which leads to having a very toxic relationship with food. Having a healthy relationship with food is very important to live a healthy and happy life; balance is the key to life. Your diet should be tailored according to your needs, not the other way around.

Restrictive Diets Leads To Electrolyte Imbalance

Crash diets lead to electrolyte imbalance

Low calorie crash diets can wreak havoc on your body by causing electrolyte imbalance which leads to cramps, fatigue, nausea and sleeplessness. These type of diets can also lead to muscle loss if not done properly because crash dieting does not provide enough protein and calories for your body. Restricting your foods can lead to electrolyte and micronutrient imbalances which can affect your body in several ways.

It Takes A Toll On Your Hormones

Hormonal issues due to crash diets

Restrictive dieting usually takes a toll on your hormonal health. Drastically cutting down calories and nutrients in order to rapidly lose weight leads to a hormonal imbalance which can prevent weight loss and cause other health issues. Crash diets usually are not sustainable, which means that dieters will eventually go back to eating their regular caloric intake. When they do this yo-yo dieting, it takes its toll on the body by increasing hunger levels, slowing metabolism rate and causes more cravings than usual due to hormonal imbalance.