IIFYM: Make Your Diet Fit Your Life

IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros,” and is a type of diet that focuses on macronutrients. IIFYM advocates eat any food they want as long as the caloric intake fits their personal macros. This isn’t to say that anything goes, though; you can still keep your health in mind while following this diet by considering what foods are healthy and which ones might be better off avoided altogether. So depending on your goals, let’s say you have to eat 1800 calories in a day in order to lose weight based on IIFYM protocol you can structure your diet in such a way that at the end of the day you are meeting your required goal of 1800 calories while hitting your protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements.

Benefits Of IIFYM:

Increases Flexibility

friends enjoying lunch with beer

IIFYM approach to a diet provides you with ample room to accommodate your friendly gatherings, birthdays or a night out at the pub. Having control over your calories and nutrient intake and planning in advance will make your life easier and fitness more realistic. Make sure you don’t go overboard and end up hurting your hard-earned work. IIFYM Diet approach is perfect if you have a sweet tooth or love to eat desserts but want to stay within your calories limit while still indulging on occasion

Promotes Accountability

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IIFYM helps you build up accountability in life as you are now aware of the caloric intake in your diet. IIFYM helps you achieve weight loss from a more holistic perspective, as IIFYM doesn’t cut out any food groups and leaves room for flexibility. Building discipline in one section of life directly translates into other areas of life which can be beneficial for your overall growth!

Makes Weight Loss Feasible

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Once you get the hang of the IIFYM approach, you will find a lot of mental peace and discipline. Your weight loss journey will become much easier as there will be room for errors without the constant pressure. Your mental health takes a nose dive if you restrict yourself from certain food groups or put an unrealistic expectation on yourself to adhere to a perfect diet.